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At New Angle Designs of Cape Cod, MA our services set us apart from the traditional interior designer.  We provide you with solid solutions for redesigning, renewing, or repurposing your living space.

Working with a team of professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience helps you avoid costly errors while achieving the results you have envisioned.

Redesign: Have you considered adding architectural details to enhance your living space? We can introduce you to the many options available to create a unified design while maintaining the integrity of your home. Adding a simple chair rail to a long rectangular room, for example, adds interest while breaking up the “bowling alley” feel. It also is a simple and inexpensive solution. You may choose to follow our suggestions and make it your project or, if you prefer, we will manage the logistics for you.

Renew: Has your style changed? Let us work with what you have first then provide you with ideas for your new found lifestyle. We begin by establishing what your style is. Your responses to design-specific questions enable us to create a “wish list” to work from. Next, we survey your pieces and consider if simple changes are suitable or if you might want to add new pieces to complement your renewed style. You might love your artwork, for example, but the mattes and frames look tired and aren’t in keeping with your newfound style. You may enjoy exploring on your own or, if you prefer some shopping support, we can provide that service.

Repurpose: In design, repurpose means to reuse an item in a way not originally intended. Do you have a treasured family item that you can’t live without but that you aren’t sure how to live with? Approaching the dilemma from a new angle, we will explore the different ways in which pieces might take on a new identity. We can convert a potting table into a coffee table or take an old sewing-machine treadle and repurpose it as the base for a glass-top dining table. With imagination, any item can take on a surprising new identity.

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